Georgia Proton Treatment Center is a nonprofit organization operated exclusively for charitable purposes, which it will undertake in support of Provident Resources Group Inc., a Georgia-based nonprofit organization committed to making a lasting difference in the communities it serves. 


These charitable purposes include the following:

  • Owning, operating and maintaining the nearly 115,000 square foot state-of-the-art proton therapy treatment center equipped with the most advanced technology available;

  • Collaborating with physicians and other medical professionals from the Winship Cancer Institute and Emory Healthcare to provide proton beam therapy and other appropriate forms of cancer treatment services to patients from the Greater Atlanta Region and surrounding states;

  • Conducting, supporting and promoting community educational programs relating to cancer treatment and prevention for the general public;

  • Providing proton beam therapy training opportunities for medical students, residents, fellows, physicians, nurses, technicians, and other health care professionals;

  • Conducting, supporting and promoting basic and clinical research related to cancer treatment and prevention;

  • Collaborating with Emory Healthcare and other nonprofit healthcare providers and institutions dedicated to cancer treatment and prevention in developing community outreach initiatives, designed to expand community awareness of cancer treatment and prevention; and

  • Advancing the public health and general welfare of the residents of the State of Georgia and the surrounding region.